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Dear Yuletide Author,
Thank you so much for taking the time to write a story for me! It's so kind of you to be participating, and I'm so excited to read your work!

In general, I love when stories are explicit, so if you are comfortable, feel free to go to NC-17. Or don't. I like happy endings, but I don't mind if there's a lot of angst preceding that, as long as the ending implies the characters are fine for now and things might work out down the line.

Request 1: OLTL, Jessica/Ford
I know most people hate this couple, but the chemistry between them is undeniable. Jessica was so boring and personality-less for so long until the most recent time Tess came out, and now she's integrated in a way that makes her so fiery. She no longer seems like a diminutive little dove. I'd love to see something where Jessica first realizes she's falling for Ford and maybe getting snarky about it with herself, or a story where Ford sees the flashes of Tess in Jessica and feels guilt for realizing he loved her but he's moved on, and maybe an angsty ending there where he thinks she will never reciprocate those feelings? But really, considering how little fic there is for this couple, and how awful that fic is, I'm certain I will be pleased with whatever you come up with.

Request 2: Verbotene Liebe, Miriam/Rebecca
This couple did not exist for nearly long enough! I'd love any story furthering their relationship. Or even angst of them getting together but then being totally in love later. It was so exciting to see Rebecca completely embrace the fluidity of her sexuality before the writers broke them up--I can still see her looking like a sexy swashbuckler in the white shirt and boots after she and Miriam have sex for the first time and the confidence just bursting out of her. You could do anything here, I just want THEM.

Request 3: BSC, Bryon/Jeff
I only got into this ship when I stumbled across the magnificent (and unfortunately unfinished) fic "Blue." I like the characterizations in that story because they are both clearly teenagers, and male, and not perfect. Whatever you decide to do, I like those guidelines. If you aged them up to college or something, I would be fine with that, but I've read some other stories where Byron becomes kind of weepy or they're both perfect kids toeing the line, and I don't like that. I like them real. College drunken partying hook-ups, whatever you see that is realistic, go for it. I just want something that feels true. It's not that they aren't tender with one another, but that they're both so much more than that.

Request 4: Skins, Mini
I always loved Cassie Ainsworth (*points to icon*) but Mini's so thoroughly captured my attention. I would love a story where her grappling with her sexuality is made explicit, or she realizes the extent of her feelings for Franky, something. I'm not adverse to some angst and unrequited feelings here, as long as there is an ending that hints that something could happen down the line in the future, or that Mini is unsure of what to do about her feelings, but is content (for the moment) to sit back and just fall in love with Franky from afar.

Thank you so much Yuletide author! I'm delighted to read what your mind imagines.

Love, Alex

New Love Just Seeps Right In (Luke/Reid, NC-17, 2/2)
Title:  New Love Just Seeps Right In (2/2)
Pairing: Luke/Reid
Rating: NC-17
W/C: 8204.
Warning: language, explicit sex

Summary: Reid helps Luke live out a fantasy.

A/N: Originally posted in two parts at lure_atwt  (1, 2). Title taken from the She & Him song "Thieves."

Things are different after that.Collapse )

New Love Just Seeps Right In (Luke/Reid, NC-17, 1/2)
Title:  New Love Just Seeps Right In (1/2)
Pairing: Luke/Reid
Rating: NC-17
W/C: 3631
Warning: language, explicit sex

Summary: Reid helps Luke live out a fantasy.

A/N: Originally posted in two parts at lure_atwt  (1, 2). Title taken from the She & Him song "Thieves."

The sex is good. That, they can agree on. The sex is great.Collapse )

All He Wants for Christmas (Luke/Noah, NC-17)
everybody loves nuke!
Title: All He Wants for Christmas
Pairing/Characters: Luke/Noah
Rating: NC-17
W/C: 5020
Warnings: AU circa the Christmas of the blind!Noah era, with Noah able to see.

Summary: Noah did not expect to spend Christmas Eve dinner at the farm with his face in a pillow, begging Luke for more.

A/N (a year later):
My first fic and frankly, not that good. But if it's what floats your boat!

Noah sat on the other side of the table from Ethan and Natalie, sandwiched between Luke and a Snyder relative--even after two years of being in Oakdale, it seemed like there were always new Snyders he met at big events.Collapse )

An Unconventional First (Luke/Noah, NC-17)
everybody loves nuke!
Title: An Unconventional First
Pairing: Luke/Noah
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Explicit sex, toys, light D/S

For thehayloft  's Noah Mayer comment!fic porn-athon.
indigo_5 's inspiring prompt: "household item as unconventional sex toy."

It’s not that he isn’t thankful for everything Luke’s done, but living at the farm is torture.Collapse )

Pretty Gay (Kyle/Fish, light R)
Title: Pretty Gay
Pairing: Kyle/Fish
Rating: light R
W/C: 1.5k
Warnings: underage drinking, M/M

Summary: Written for kyle_fish 's Kish Fest 2010. Prompt: "first time to say I love you."

There were some things Oliver was sure of: he wanted to be a cop, he was allergic to bees, he was a relationship kind of guy, he would never be a great football player, he liked to watch old black-and-white romances. Collapse )


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