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All He Wants for Christmas (Luke/Noah, NC-17)
everybody loves nuke!
Title: All He Wants for Christmas
Pairing/Characters: Luke/Noah
Rating: NC-17
W/C: 5020
Warnings: AU circa the Christmas of the blind!Noah era, with Noah able to see.

Summary: Noah did not expect to spend Christmas Eve dinner at the farm with his face in a pillow, begging Luke for more.

A/N (a year later):
My first fic and frankly, not that good. But if it's what floats your boat!

Noah sat on the other side of the table from Ethan and Natalie, sandwiched between Luke and a Snyder relative--even after two years of being in Oakdale, it seemed like there were always new Snyders he met at big events. Anytime the Snyders could have an excuse to have a big family dinner, he was there. Christmas Eve was no exception. He was early, at Snyder insistence, of course--dinner wasn't ready yet, but the family had already gathered. Faith was at the other end of the table, slowly setting it while chatting with her cousins, and Noah was listening as his boyfriend's younger siblings showed them things they had been working on for Christmas. Ethan had drawn some gingerbread men to get placed on the fridge, and Natalie had made a paper chain to hang on the tree. Noah loved having siblings, even if they were Luke's.

He was listening to Ethan talk about cookies he'd helped Lily make when he felt Luke's fingertips brush his knee, and he turned to his boyfriend to smile... but before he could even reciprocate, Luke's fingers had traveled north and lingered over his dick, rubbing softly through the black slacks. Noah steadied a breath, giving into the sensations for a moment. They'd lazily sucked each other off this morning in the shower, a benefit to living together in the cramped apartment they'd come to love, but Noah could always go for more. His cock was starting to respond a little, and Noah finally smiled at his boyfriend. Luke continued to look on, never even glancing Noah's way, listening to--

Oh god, Ethan. Listening to Ethan. Noah straightened, pushed Luke's hand away, blushing, trying to calm his breathing. How did this happen to him? And now he was hard at the dinner table. He felt like there was a spotlight on him as he stood up, careful to turn away from anyone and walked briskly to the stairs, trying to look nonchalant. Once he got to the staircase, however, he bounded up them, and made for the bathroom, shutting it firmly behind him. Stupid fucking farm with no fucking locks on the doors, he thought, leaning against the bathroom vanity. He had to will this away, now. Think about boats. Think about cookies. Think about everyone downstairs. Think about your tax returns, because the New Year is approaching, Noah. He breathed in and out, slowly, letting his heartbeat slow. His eyes closed, and he relaxed. Think about Emma's cooking. Think about your classes next semester. He opened his eyes again, and stared into the mirror. He looked presentable again. And I am totally going to let Ethan and Natalie fight over sitting next to me, because I'll be damned if Luke thinks he can pull this again. And then he blushed. Pull this. God, you're dirty, Mayer. And then the bathroom door opened and he spun, his heart hammering again suddenly.

But it was Luke who was at the door, and wordlessly he pulled Noah with him out of the bathroom and into what had been Luke's room, back when they were both staying at the farm and not getting any. It seemed so long ago, mostly because it was so long ago. A lot had changed since he lived at the farm. Now they could have sex as loud as they wanted, anytime they wanted, anywhere they wanted. Well, anywhere in their own apartment--the big table at the farm? What had Luke been thinking?

The minute Luke shut the door behind them, Noah turned, his face red again from remembering what had just happened downstairs. "Why on earth would you do that?" he whispered, embarrassed. "It's Christmas! We're at the farm! You really think right now is the best time to get off? We need to go downstairs, right now. We are not getting caught in a compromising position at the farm, not if I have anything to say about it." He was breathing hard, now. God, they all know we're up here together. Alone! Why is Luke up here? Fuck.

Luke just grinned, impish as always. "Well, luckily for me," he teased, leaning in to lick behind Noah's ear, "you have nothing to say about it. And I do think right now is the best time to get off. Don't worry," he continued, his tongue tracing Noah's earlobe now, and Noah felt arousal gather low in his stomach, "I said you've been feeling ill all day and ran upstairs to lie down, and I volunteered to go check on you." He paused in his ministrations now, pulling away to stare Noah in the eyes. "Noah, you know I've always wanted to have my way with you at the farm. It's a Snyder institution! Everyone's done something under Emma's roof at some point." He began moving his fingers to his collar, struggling with the buttons on his shirt as fast as he could. "The thing is, the rules don't really apply if you're not living here, so technically we aren't breaking any. And while it's fun to fool around and fuck at the apartment, it's not my fantasy." Noah was gaping as the shirt fell to the ground, followed by the slacks and the boxers together. Luke was naked at the farm. His limp cock gave a twinge as the sight of Luke's erection, leaking and purple. When did he get that hard? We've been up here for all of a minute. Luke licked his lips and then stumbled over to Noah, pulling quickly at the trousers while Noah stood, paralyzed. Luke leaned in and liked a stripe up his face, before settling his mouth over Noah's ear to whisper. "We're just up hear to exchange presents anyway. You're letting me do this with you at the farm, and I'm giving you a new sexual experience to add to our repertoire." And then Luke pulled back, and began to unravel Noah's red-and-green striped tie. He raised an eyebrow at his boyfriend, and then grinned. "Remind you of anything?" He threw the tie aside, and then started it on the buttons. He watched as Noah's hands joined his, Noah's fingers starting at the top working down as Luke's, at the bottom, moved up, and they met at more-or-less the middle. Now Noah was naked, with Luke, in Luke's old bedroom at the farm, and he was hard too, and what were they doing?

"Wait!" Noah protested, but Luke gave him a look. Even Noah heard how rough his voice was, already, having done nothing but undress. "We..." he lost his train of thought as Luke pushed him backwards onto the bed and straddled his waist.

"We have fifteen minutes, tops, before someone comes to check on us and see if you're feeling okay, so we need to do this right now. And I know that's rushed, baby, but if this goes how I think it will the second time will be in half an hour, back at the apartment, and it will take all night. Now on your stomach, knees tucked under you." And Luke stood up at that, and Noah looked dumbly at him for a moment before moving, his dick bobbing and aching and suddenly hard, wondering what Luke had in store. He assumed the position, and waited to feel Luke's saliva-drenched fingers work their way into his ass.

But instead he felt Luke's hands roam his back for a minute. "God baby, you're so beautiful like this," Luke breathed onto his spine. "I love it when you let me take control."

Noah's cock jerked at that. "I love it when you're in control," he whimpered, ready to fuck, and no longer embarrassed by how much he loved Luke dominating him, taking the upper hand in their sex life. In the beginning, submitting to Luke had felt wrong even when he knew it was good, knew it made him come harder than he ever had. It made him think of his father, of what the Colonel and liked-minded men thought it meant to be a man. But knowing what brought him pleasure, being self-aware enough to know he liked letting go in a safe environment? That was manly. Knowing that he loved a man giving him orders--if put like that, the Colonel probably would have been proud. Noah could leave the part about how it meant he loved taking a cock up his ass to himself.

Luke kissed the back of his neck. "This is gonna be so quick, but so good, I promise. But you need to be quiet, or else they'll remember we're up here. Right now they're just thinking about gifts and food and oh-is-Noah-feeling-okay-well-he'll-be-back-in-a-minute. And by the time they realize it's been too long, we'll be back, telling them we have to go home. So let's do this as fast as we can, but I promise you'll come. Just please, please, be quiet. Bite into that pillow, baby, and this will be the best Christmas you've ever had."

Noah opened his mouth to argue at that--their first Christmas, when Luke had finally been able to walk again, when Noah was first able to express (in a roundabout way, yes) that he loved Luke, had been the best Christmas they could ever have, he thought--but then he felt Luke's hands grab his cheeks. He knew what Luke wanted to give him this year. And he shouted into the pillow as Luke's tongue licked at his ass.

"Shh! Noah, please, please be quiet," Luke begged.

Noah hands clutched at the sheets, wound them in his fists. "Oh god, Luke..." he groaned. ”More please, more."

He heard Luke chuckle at that. "Merry Christmas, baby." And then the tongue was back, licking at his pucker, and he couldn't feel anything but that--Luke's tongue caressing the most intimate part of his body. Luke had mentioned rimming once or twice, but not enough that Noah thought he'd actually wanted to try it. It hadn't even sounded that good.

I was so, so wrong, Noah thought as he thrust back against Luke's mouth, groaning into the pillow. And still Luke licked steadily, swirling his tongue around, pushing gently at Noah's opening but never too forcefully, and Noah could feel his cock swelling more, something he hadn't even thought possible.

"Luke, Luke, Luke, Luke, Luke," he panted, humping back against his boyfriend's mouth. "God, oh, God, Luke..." And like that, they both felt Noah's opening give way, and Luke tongue pushed inside Noah. Noah bit into the pillow now, trying not to come after just one second of Luke's tongue inside him. God, Luke's tongue inside him. His cock was throbbing with its own heartbeat now.

Luke licked deeper inside Noah, then began to fuck with his tongue. Noah's whole body was flushed pink and shaking, and he was trying so hard to be quiet he thought it actually might kill him. Every nerve in his body had relocated to his ass or his dick, and somehow every thrust of Luke deeper inside him made his cock react. Shaking, he let one hand reluctantly release the bed linens then head south to jerk himself, but as it approached he felt Luke bat it away, saying nothing as he continued to push himself into Noah's ass.

Noah waited for a few seconds but Luke's hand had not gone to Noah's cock, and he couldn't just go without, so his hand continued toward his crotch again.

What a mistake
, he thought, as he felt Luke's hand pull his own away and push it back into the sheets as though saying, "Stay there, mister." And then Luke's tongue was leaving Noah's ass and Noah cried out, thrust back towards Luke's mouth. "Wait, wait, I'll stop, I'm sorry, I'll stop," he begged, still pushing his ass backwards to empty air.

Luke chuckled, then silenced himself. Noah waited for Luke's mouth to return, but was instead surprised by a firm hand slapping his ass.

"Ungh," he groaned, and Luke did it again and Noah pushed his mouth down into the pillow, stifling his moan at the same time he tried to push his ass against Luke's hand.

"I told you to be quiet," Luke said coldly, and a harsh slap! cracked through the air again. Noah tried to stay still and quiet now, biting the pillow so hard he thought he'd choke. Above him, Luke continued, "You're not allowed to touch yourself, Noah. That's what I get to do." Slap! Noah's ass tingled, and instinctively he raised himself up a little, awaiting the next smack of Luke's hand. He was lying there, waiting, so hard it hurt, when the next slap came and he groaned, pushed himself a little back again, and then something shifted in the room for a moment. Luke's hand came back to him, but to caress the red cheeks now.

"God, you love it," he heard Luke say. He opened his eyes, hadn't realized he'd closed them, and turned back to see Luke, whose cheeks were faintly flushed. Luke continued, "You're so hot like this, when you want it like a slut." His hand came back and he slapped Noah's ass again; Noah let out a short wail before remembering to stop himself. Luke was just spanking him, no pressure on his dick, and Noah was gently rocking his hips now, pushing his cock against his chest and thighs, hoping that would be enough, that Luke wouldn't notice.

But Luke always noticed, and he felt Luke lean over him now, his chest pressing into Noah's back, and then a finger lightly teasing Noah's hole and he moaned, "Luke, Luke, Luke..."

Luke stopped and Noah thought he would actually explode if this kept happening. But Luke just leaned against Noah's ear and said, "What do you want, Noah?"

Noah could barely think straight at this point. "Uh..." he paused, letting his hips buck in small thrusts, getting his dick to rub between his thighs and his stomach, relieving some of the pressure. What did he want? To get fucked? For Luke to finger him with one hand and jerk him off with the other? For Luke's tongue to slide back inside? And then his cock jerked at the thought of that and he realized how close he was already.

"Gotta come, Luke, gotta come right now, please, let me come, oh god, gonna die if I don't come right now," he panted. He heard the whine to his voice, knew Luke's question was just an excuse to get him begging again.

Luke rubbed his cock against Noah's ass, and they both groaned. Luke readied himself, pulled back from Noah entirely. Noah was shaking, waiting for Luke to... well, take control. Be in charge. He still liked to remember the first time either of them had realized Noah was meant for this--evening, in the truck, in the fields behind the farm, under a tree, Luke watching as Noah jacked himself, faster, faster, unable to come. The sun was setting and Luke was impatient--they were expected for dinner, and still Noah was making gasping noises, thrusting powerfully into his own fist, but not done. Finally, looking at Noah with a hint of irritation, Luke said in a clipped tone, "Jesus, Noah, come." And Noah felt his orgasm seize at the word, remembered the shock in Luke's face as he went over the edge, the shock he felt at knowing Luke's permission was what had gotten him to shoot, and how afterward, as he lay slumped and embarrassed against the seat, covered in his own come (more than he had ever come, he'd noted), Luke wrapped his arms around Noah and kissed him deeply, and it was almost better.

Above him, Luke shifted and Noah returned to the present, waiting for Luke, any form of Luke, and then he felt Luke's tongue return to his ass and he sighed, pushing back against the pressure. Nothing about Luke was tentative this time; his tongue entered Noah immediately, who began to buck and moan again, making sure to be quiet. He was happy--it felt good, felt fucking great, and Luke was going to let him come and then they would go downstairs and sneak home to have sex. He reflexively raised his hips to meet the shallow thrusts of Luke's tongue.

But suddenly, the pace changed, and Luke's tongue was ramming into him now, and Noah cried out at the unexpectedness of it. He could hear Luke moaning from where he was buried in Noah's ass, and still the tongue entered fast, deeper. Noah heard something that sounded like a dog whining, and realized he was the one making the noises. He couldn't even stop himself now, could only hope it wasn't very loud. And still, still he was so hard. He hadn't even realized that he was rutting against Luke's mouth now, making the high pitched noises and letting tears stream down his cheeks. Luke shifted a bit and his tongue withdrew a bit, and Noah shouted into the pillow in disappointment before the tongue came back, strong as ever, and Noah started to talk, crazed on lust.

"Luke Luke please, please, god, let me, god, let me come!" He was panting now, running a fucking marathon, dying from this, dying from need, needing so much. The tongue thrust and he squealed, "Luke!" His boyfriend continued worshipping his ass. "Luke, I need to come, I gotta come, Luke, gotta come, please I gotta come," he heard himself saying, felt the tears leaking from his eyes, and then suddenly Luke slammed two fingers into Noah's ass along with his tongue, no further preparation, no pretense, deep so fucking deep so fucking fucking deep, and they hit that spot and Noah was crying out into the pillow, clutching into his face, his ass spasming around Luke, who was letting his fingers jackhammer against Noah's prostate even as Noah felt himself coming more than he ever had, harder than he ever had, his hips bucking wildly and the bed drenched in his come and still, still he was shooting.

"Luuuuuuuuuuuuuke," he cried as the wave of pleasure overtook him. He couldn't control himself; he was vibrating on the bed, his whole body shaking with the intensity of his climax. He felt his body take over as his mind descended into oblivion, could feel himself instinctively riding Luke's fingers and tongue, his ass clenching around the wanted intrusions, his prostrate throbbing as it was continually stimulated because Luke was not stopping the torture. He was still coming, still feeling his cock contract with each stream it released. He was still writhing and sobbing, wracked with pleasure, and the orgasm had been going forever, and finally he realized he had stopped spurting, that he was in the midst of the aftershocks, but Luke's tongue was still deep inside him, Luke's fingers still pressing into his too-sensitive spot, working him up to a second orgasm, the kind that was just the shakes and none of the semen. He could hear himself saying, "Oh god, no, please, no," from far away as Luke's tongue slid around inside of him at the same time Luke's fingers assaulted his prostate, a few more thrusts and he was crying out again, "Oh nooooooooooooooooo" as his second orgasm shot through him. He was quaking and moaning and dying from it all and Luke was still inside him and he didn't think it would ever stop.

Finally he became aware of the room again, of Luke's fingers being withdrawn, Luke's tongue licking a last stripe up the crack of his ass, and he turned to see Luke still purple, still leaking, and his fingers that had just been in Noah reached around to enter his own ass. His face was red and splotchy, and his body was glowing in a sheen of sweat that radiated their sexual heat, and Noah looked up at his boyfriend riding his own fingers, fucking himself good and deep, gasping, "Noah, Noah, Noah." Noah studied Luke's face and saw that instant when Luke's fingers brushed his prostate, how his whole face went slack for a few moments, and Noah continued watching, enthralled. Soon Luke bucked, "Noah, Noah, Noaaaaaaaah" and his cock exploded on the sheets, Noah's hip, Luke's own thighs. He slumped against the foot board of the bed, panting, his fingers still buried in his ass. Noah just watched, letting him recover. And soon Luke's eyes refocused and he crawled over Noah, kissing him deeply, letting Noah taste himself on Luke's tongue. They both felt themselves get hard as the kissing continued and Luke managed to pull away.

"Thanks for doing that for me, baby," he said... shyly? His eyes were on his hands.

Noah shook his head. "I should be thanking you. That... I've never come like that, ever. I didn't know I could come like that." He looked down, embarrassed. "Was I too loud?"

And Luke no longer looked dazed. "Oh god, I forgot! I completely forgot where we are. We need to get dressed now." He jumped up and pulled Noah from the bed. Noah slowly began to pull on his dress clothes again, sitting on the edge of the bed to hide just how shaky he still was. Well, it was nice while it lasted, he thought. He stood gingerly, his hand resting on the foot of the bed for balance as he turned to look for his shirt, but came face-to-face with Luke, who pulled him deeply into a kiss. He could still taste himself on Luke, felt himself moan into that.

Luke broke the kiss, frowning. "I wish we could just stay in here all night." But then he brightened. "Well, the second you get dressed we are going home." He turned to the bed, began stripping the sheets.

Noah's fingers laced the buttons as fast as they could, Noah's mind still trying to catch up to what had just happened. "Wait," he asked, and Luke's head looked back at him, still gathering the come-drenching sheets. "How are we getting out of Christmas Eve at the farm?"

Luke curled the sheets up into a ball, swung them over his shoulder, and smiled. "You're sick," he said, pointing at Noah's face, and Noah caught a look at his face in the mirror over the dresser. He was flushed and while he knew it to be from the sex, it could easily be mistaken for a virus. His fucked-out expression, however, would be harder to hide. He looked like he'd been... well, well-fucked, fucked-out. Even with his clothes more-or-less replaced properly, he looked used and a little cheap. Luke paid no attention though, and continued, “You have a fever. You threw up all over the bed!” He grinned and tugged on the sheets. “You feel so terrible you’re insisting we wash them at home. We’re going home and you are getting straight into bed.” And at that, he wagged his eyebrows. “We’ll let them think you’re getting in bed and having soup, not that you’re getting in bed and getting fucked. That’ll be a secret between us and Santa.” Noah blushed, became even redder if that was possible, and Luke took sympathy, patted his boyfriend’s chest. “You are too sweet, Noah Mayer. We’re not doing anything wrong. It’s a white lie,” he continued as his palm drifted from above Noah’s heart to further down, above his crotch, “and it’s not hurting anyone.” Luke paused, rubbed Noah’s cock through the slacks for a few seconds, waiting for low rumble of arousal deep in Noah’s chest, and then removed his hand. “Besides, if we stay here, we have to deal with my parents, Damien, and Aunt Meg. I think we’re fleeing with good reason.”

Noah grinned at that. He hoped that his appearance would translate as exhausted to their family downstairs as he tried to push his hair back into place in the mirror. Luke grabbed the air freshener, spritzed it liberally, and set it down to grab Noah’s hand, leading them back downstairs.

Holden was already opening the door to start up to find them when they reached the kitchen. He looked at them suspiciously, and Luke whispered, “Just go out to the truck. I’ll be there in a minute.” Noah nodded, and whispered his good-bye to Holden, ducking outside before the man could ask why he had to say good-bye. He stood on the porch though, listening as Luke explained that Noah was ill and they were going home.

“On Christmas!” Emma pouted. “The poor dear.” Noah smiled; he knew part of the reason that Luke wanted to tell everyone they were going was that Emma would make them plates to take back to the apartment. Noah’s stomach grumbled, and he knew that going home to fuck like rabbits would almost not be worth it without securing some of Emma’s cooking. Luke gave his good-byes to just about everyone, and Noah could hear him stepping towards the door before his footsteps were joined by someone else’s.

“You know, I don’t think what you’re doing is very appropriate, Luke,” Noah heard Holden say. He froze. Oh god, Holden knew. Oh god, Holden knew and he disapproved. He thought he might throw up and leaned heavily against the bench. Had he heard them? Had he heard Noah begging for it, here, in Emma's house? On Christmas? With the girls and Ethan just downstairs? God, Noah had been pleading with Luke to fuck him in a room without a lock with kids around.

But he heard his boyfriend laugh. “Dad, I don’t think we’re the ones who need to grow-up this Christmas,” Luke said. “We’re young and in love--we’re not doing anything people don’t expect of us. Come on, like you and Mom never sneaked away to screw?”

Noah still couldn’t believe how open Luke was about his sex life--their sex life--with his father. Holden knew they were making love, knew they had just been doing something so big that it necessitated Luke carrying the evidence out of the house, knew they were leaving a family holiday at the farm to go to their crappy apartment just because it was theirs and they could continue doing what they had been doing. The high of ten minutes before was almost completely gone.

Holden started, “Luke, it’s Christmas--” but Luke cut him off.

“It’s Christmas, and I all I want to do is celebrate. I just spent time with the family we love, and then I spent some time with the man I love, and we’re going to go home to f--continue to celebrate our love.” Noah was blushing, and knew Luke was too. That was a close one, Snyder, he thought, even as he knew that Holden knew exactly what Luke meant by "celebrating their love." Luke continued, “We’ll be back in the morning. Noah will feel better by then.” Noah smirked because he knew that wasn’t a lie. “Merry Christmas, Dad.” He heard Luke kiss Holden’s cheek. “I am so happy I get to celebrate this Christmas with you, that you’re still around, that Kentucky was a nightmare I was able to wake up from.” Holden cleared his throat a little, his sign of acquiescing. Luke continued, “And now, I am going to go have sex with my boyfriend. Enjoy your night!” With that, Luke left, and saw Noah standing there, eavesdropping.

Noah stood, shocked. “Did you really have to ruin such a touching moment with ‘Oh, I’m going to go fuck Noah now, bye’?” he asked. He was red, again. It seemed all he had done all night was turn red.

Luke laughed. “I have to keep him on his toes. We can’t get too touchy-feely, because then I would just be too much of a stereotypical gay son for him to handle. Besides, I like being honest.” He leaned into Noah’s neck, then licked behind his ear. Noah felt his knees tremble and he remembered the feel of Luke’s tongue inside him minutes before, knowing Luke’s tongue would be back inside him in fifteen minutes if he decided to risk speeding on the way home.

“And if I'm being honest,” Luke breathed in Noah’s ear, rubbing a nipple through the white Oxford shirt, “I want to fuck you all night, so hard that when we're sitting there at the table for breakfast with the family tomorrow morning, exhausted because we haven't slept, you'll still feel me inside you, pounding away at your ass, hitting your spot every fucking time.” Noah gulped, noticing Holden watching them through the window above the sink in the kitchen. Luke added, “And after you've come so many times you think you can't come anymore, I'll still make you come like you did upstairs." Noah felt himself stir and was surprised at his own libido, but embarrassed as Holden still stood at the window, watching as his son teased his boyfriend, who was oblivious to the extra eyes on them. And Noah was rooted to the spot, couldn't even say anything to get Luke off of him. Luke continued rubbing his hand against Noah's chest, his tongue against Noah's ear, whispering, "And if you don’t, not only will I not let you have any of this delicious food my grandma made us...” as his hand began to drift lower, sliding towards Noah's belt, and Holden suddenly had the good sense to blush before giving Noah a quick smile, winking--fucking winking!--and turning back to the crowd inside. Noah's heart resumed beating at Holden's implicit approval for them to run off at holiday time, before beating even faster as Luke's hand slipped into his pants and grasped him firmly, leaving Noah gasping. Luke smiled against Noah's ear, and continued, "Not only will you not get Emma's food... I might even have to tie you up.”

Noah closed his eyes and let out a low moan, there on the porch. Luke grinned, and pulled Noah by his cock to the truck.

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