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New Love Just Seeps Right In (Luke/Reid, NC-17, 1/2)
Title:  New Love Just Seeps Right In (1/2)
Pairing: Luke/Reid
Rating: NC-17
W/C: 3631
Warning: language, explicit sex

Summary: Reid helps Luke live out a fantasy.

A/N: Originally posted in two parts at lure_atwt  (1, 2). Title taken from the She & Him song "Thieves."

The sex is good. That, they can agree on. The sex is great.

Luke is panting as Reid comes to lie down next to him, still catching his breath as Reid throws out his arm out, and they slide together.

"Have you ever..." he begins, but is suddenly unsure of where to go. Reid turns towards Luke a bit, and grins wolfishly.

"Had sex in the kitchen? No, but we will, believe me. Katie’s not back until Tuesday, which means we have a week to christen every room in this apartment. We can write out a schedule now, if you like. I have a few late nights this week, but we will fuck on every steady surface in this place." Reid pats Luke's chest affectionately, before rubbing a nipple. Luke shivers, but then shakes his head.

"No, that wasn't what I meant. Though that sounds good."

Reid just waits this time, and Luke starts to blush. He takes a breath. "Have you ever been, uh, on the bottom?" His eyes surreptitiously flick over to Reid, and he's not sure what reaction he expected, but not this: Reid looking at Luke with an inscrutable expression. Reid stares at him for a few minutes more, and Luke feels his cheeks get warmer, before closing his eyes.

Finally, Reid asks suspiciously, "Why do you ask?"

Luke flashes back to Noah. It's been months since they were together, and about a year since the last time they had sex, but it's still pretty vivid, because... "When I was with Noah, I was, um, on top. A lot. But we definitely, y'know, did it both ways. And I just, I like both. I mean, I think I prefer being on the bottom, actually, but," and he gulps, before continuing in a rush, "I think I'd like to fuck you."

It's out there. He said it. His face is red, and he feels like a jerk for even bringing it up, somehow. But he wants to. He wants to fuck Reid.

Reid just waits for a few minutes, and Luke closes his eyes, flushed and a little angry at himself, and if he’s honest, a little angry with Reid too. But he opens his eyes after waiting for a little bit, and turns to Reid to say something, not even sure if he wants to take it back or apologize or start a fight, when Reid says, a little unfeelingly, “It’s never done anything for me,” his eyes locked on Luke’s. And Luke wants to say something to that, but he waits for Reid to continue.

Reid’s still tense, but not angry, and not unhappy, as far as Luke can tell. He’s not relaxed, but he doesn’t seem uncomfortable with the conversation. He’s just... uninterested? Luke can’t tell.

“I mean, I’ve dabbled in it,” Reid finally adds. “It was fine. But it didn’t do anything for me, and being the penetrative partner”—Luke winces at how clinical that sounds—“has always been where I’ve felt more comfortable, so I’ve never felt inclined to change. I’ve never gotten complaints, anyway,” he finishes with a look that almost dares Luke to make the first.

Luke isn’t stupid enough to take the bait, but presses, “Didn’t you ever wonder about it though, how it could feel? You know I like it, and not just because of your extensive sexual prowess,” and Reid flashes a grin at that, ready to mention his thousands of logged hours to get to just that level of experience, before Luke continues, “But have you wondered if maybe you didn’t dabble enough? Or correctly?”

“No,” Reid says firmly.

“Whatever,” Luke grumbles, shifting to turn his face away from Reid, but before he can his boyfriend grabs him by the chin, and he rolls his eyes.

“’Whatever’? What are you, fourteen? Your parents already think I’m a cradle-robber, don’t prove them right,” Reid frowns. “And what d’you mean by that, anyway? Something’s obviously got you upset.”

Luke can feel the blush burn brighter in his cheeks, and he closes his eyes for a second. “It’s just like, of course self-confident supergay Reid didn’t ever have to deal with wanting to get fucked.”

He opens his eyes, and Reid looks annoyed, but before he can speak up, Luke barrels on, “You knew you were gay when you were nine, I know. But I didn’t. And when I was coming out...” He lets loose a sigh he didn’t know he was holding in, and the heat in his face starts to dissipate. Reid’s irritation also fades. Luke shifts onto his stomach, his face twisting toward Reid while propped on the pillow, but not looking him in the eyes anymore, just talking towards him. “It was terrifying, to realize that I wasn’t like everyone else, and that I liked guys. And I wanted guys. My best friend—”

“Kevin,” Reid supplies, a little bored. He’s heard the general story before.

“Yes, Kevin. It was scary, knowing I liked him, but it was just a thousand times more terrifying knowing that I wanted him. And I did—I remember telling my cousin Jade about seeing him one summer and just realizing that when I saw him, everything coursing through my veins, it was want. It was desire. And I wanted to have sex with him, and that was hard enough to deal with, but,” and he swallows, “it was worse realizing I wanted him to fuck me. A thousand things going on, not just with coming out, but with my parents, and my kidney, and the drinking, and on top of it all, at night I would think about him, and I wanted to get thoroughly fucked.” He pauses, and tries to bring it back to the subject at hand. “You never fantasized about being fucked?”

“No,” Reid says, and Luke wonders why he keeps just walking into these answers he should really see coming, before Reid continues, “Did you? Fantasize about it?”

“God, yes,” Luke laughs hollowly, in spite of it all, and is he imagining a hitch in Reid’s breath? “I couldn’t stop thinking about it, which really didn’t help with the constant terror in being found out, which really didn’t help my drinking problem.” He thinks back, and laughs again. “My first wet dream was actually from imagining being fucked. God, I’m surprised I wasn’t drinking when I was twelve. But really, things didn’t get so bad until I put a face to the fucking, and Kevin ruined everything. Wanting him was the worst.”

“Did you fantasize about him?”

Luke is pulled out of his reverie, and his eyes focus on Reid, who is a little more serious now. “Yeah,” he says cautiously.

“What about?” Reid asks, and his attention is so focused on Luke that it’s a little uncomfortable. The stare is like a laser, and Luke should be cowering from it, but instead it’s making him stiff against the sheets.

“Do you want to hear this?” he hesitates. There are plenty of fantasies to choose from, but he’s surprised the idea isn’t making Reid angry.

Reid just nods for Luke to continue, and he does, sifting through his memories, before a favorite pushes forward, and he smiles.

“By the time I finally came out, I just hoped Kevin wouldn’t hate me, but for awhile, I was sure he’d want me too. It was so stupid, but I was positive I’d come out and he’d admit he was in love with me. Or he’d catch me admitting my feelings, or see me with a guy—and there weren’t any other guys I wanted, it was just a faceless imaginary guy—and be jealous, and the thought made me so happy.” He swallows, and shifts his hips into the mattress a little, surprised at how hard this fantasy still makes him.

“We were on the basketball team together, and after practice we’d take showers.”

His eyes drift to Reid’s, which are lusty and wide, and he feels comfortable enough to continue.

“It’s after practice, and everyone’s finished their showers, left to go home, but I’m still there, and thinking about him.” The fantasy isn’t Kevin this time though, it’s Reid, sweaty from basketball, glistening and beautiful. “It’s stupid to think about him in public, but I am, because no one’s around. Thinking about him, soaked from practice, soaked from the showers, and now that I’m the only one there, I’m free to jack off. And maybe it’s because it’s illicit, and there’s a fear of getting caught, but jacking off in the showers is better than jacking off anywhere else. But I can’t just think of him without imagining him wanting to fuck me, so after a few minutes, I slide some fingers into my mouth, get them wet, and put one inside of me.” He rubs against the bed a little more firmly.

“It’s okay to finger yourself,” Reid says, breaking his silence, and Luke opens eyes he hadn’t realized he’d closed. Reid’s hard, and talking again, but it takes Luke a few seconds to tune back in. “If you want to, I mean,” Reid continues. “You can finger yourself.”

Luke’s heat beats, and then he nods, moving a hand up to his mouth, sucking the fingers deep, tongue swirling to cover them, and Reid groans at that. His fingers slip out of his mouth and trail down his side, before sliding up his ass, and he parts his legs a little, before gently pushing a finger inside. He’s still mostly fucked open from Reid, so it doesn’t really take any effort to wriggle the finger in deep, massaging his inner walls, and he sighs at how comfortable it is. Telling Reid about how terrifying this once was, it reminds him how much he’s changed. He loves it. There’s nothing wrong with wanting it. He’s just thinking about how much he’s grown up, not even concentrating on the finger in his ass, until Reid clears his throat for Luke to continue, and he smiles, his eyes settling closed again, before he resumes speaking.

Luke’s in the shower, leaning up against the tiles, his hips shifted away from crushing his cock against the wall, and he groans, pushing a finger into his ass. Back then, taking fingers wasn’t easy. But he’s happily grunting in the shower, one hand slowly jerking his cock, the other against his ass as he fucks back against the one finger, taking it deeper, imagining Reid after practice—younger than he is now, a high-school version of his boyfriend. The whole room is steamy, and he’s burning up from the fire in his loins, and he won’t be able to last much longer, so he carefully slides a second finger in. He doesn’t slide a second finger in often, can’t always even take more than the first, but he’s horny, and the one finger isn’t good enough right now.

When the second gets inside, the two fingers go deeper and clumsily jab at his prostate, and he cries out, “Reid!”, almost comes right there, just from that. The pleasure fries his brain; he can’t imagine anything better.

And then Reid slides up next to him. Luke’s been so busy finger-fucking himself in the showers he didn’t realize Reid had come back for something. And he’s been there long enough to see Luke tentatively push one finger in, and then take a second without hesitation, and then call out Reid’s name, obviously imagining being fucked.

Seeing Reid next to him in the showers, Luke wants to withdraw his hands, but he can’t. It’s embarrassing, but seeing Reid next to him, his hips shift back and forth between his fist and the penetrating fingers faster, because Reid just does that to him.

He’s so caught up in the whirlwind he doesn’t realize what Reid’s doing until he feels a foreign finger slide into his ass along his own, and instinctively his ass clutches at the intrusion, and he moans uncontrollably. His fingers and Reid’s are meeting inside of him, and the whole thing is so kinky, he wants to explode.

“Look at you, Luke,” Reid says, “You look so good. I want you, Luke. I want to fuck you. God, you’ll look so good getting fucked.” The fingers, three of them, more than Luke’s ever taken, are pummeling him now, and Luke feels the tendrils of orgasm spread out from deep in his belly, as climax approaches. He’s rutting against the fingers now, gasping, gasping, so close, until suddenly all the fingers are gone, even his own. He’s bereft at the loss, until Reid leans into his ear and whispers, “Do you want me to fuck you?”

The fantasy ends abruptly when he feels a finger slide into his ass alongside his own, and inhales sharply. His eyes open again, and Reid is watching him as he gets opened back up by the fingers, just like in his fantasy. All three are powering into his spot, and it’s so like his dream that he’s getting lost in it.

Reid just smiles, as Luke feels his eyes grow heavy with arousal. He’s aware of someone’s heavy, irregular breathing, but it takes him a few minutes to realize it’s his own.

Reid shifts a little, and slowly slips in a fourth finger, and Luke can’t recall ever feeling so exposed, or so horny. His hips are digging against the bed, and he hears himself panting almost distantly, the pleasure threatening to spill over soon. Four fingers, and he’s choking on his breath now, readily pushing back to take them and then forward to mash his cock against the bed, anything to relieve his erection even a little. He feels another of Reid’s fingers circle his rim, dip inside a little bit, and he cries out as a fifth finger starts to push in all the way. His ass is more open than it’s ever been, and it’s still not enough.

And suddenly all the fingers are leaving: Reid’s link with his own inside of him, and together they start to pull out. Luke clenches desperately, trying to keep them, but that just has the effect of moving them directly against his prostate, and he cries out, shoving his face into the pillow beneath him, trying not to come when all he wants to do is erupt.

The fingers are gone now. There is nothing worse than feeling empty, and he lets out a whine and rubs lightly against the sheets until Reid grips his hips, holding him still, and the protest dies om Luke’s lips as he feels a hand leave his right hip, and then sees Reid’s arm go toward the bedside table, and fumble for the drawer, diving in and coming out precariously gripping the lube and a line of condoms.

Luke moans from deep in his throat, his mouth hanging open, his chest heaving.

Reid laughs, then tongues an earlobe, and Luke is barely conscious of anything but the sound of the click of the lube bottle, which somehow makes him even harder, before Reid’s rubbing the stuff around his hole, and he’s groaning, pushing back at the hands, desperate to be filled.

“Such a slut,” Reid says, and Luke just nods frantically, his arms leaving the pillow he didn’t know he was gripping to pull at his own ass cheeks, leaving him wide and stretched and ready.

He hears the tear of the wrapper, and the soft sigh as Reid unfurls it on himself, the shallow pant as he slicks himself with lube, and just when Luke can’t wait any longer, Reid’s probing at his ass with his cock, stabbing gently at the opening as though he’s unsure if he’ll fit.

Luke just whines, unable to even form the word “Tease,” and Reid laughs again, before moving Luke’s hand back to the pillow, holding them there firmly for a second as though saying, “Stay.” Luke obeys, grips it again, and then he feels Reid’s hands part his cheeks, and he’s crying out as Reid firmly pushes inside.

It is a long thrust, slow but determined, and Luke is so far gone it takes concentration to remind himself to push against Reid’s cock to take it easier. And then Reid is suddenly sheathed, and Luke is full, blissfully full.

Reid pants against his shoulders, waiting for a sign from Luke that he’s ready, and Luke can’t even think of making a remotely intelligible gesture, but Reid sees something in Luke’s body language that he didn’t know he was saying, and begins a slow pull out, before entering again, and Luke is wriggling his hips back to meet Reid, moaning at every slide of Reid against that spot deep within him.

It isn’t long before he feels something sparking low at the base of his spine, and his knuckles are white from gripping the pillow as he presses his face into it. Reid is pounding him now, working him into a jelly, and he’s aware of nothing but being stuffed with, surrounded by Reid, and he cries with every movement into the pillow, trying not to scream. It’s better than it usually is, which is saying something, and it’s better than he ever imagined the fantasy could be, which is not saying much at all, because back when Luke was fantasizing about Kevin, he was focused on the orgasm, and not the sex.

But sex with Reid is always about more than coming, it’s about the process, even when he wants to come so bad he begs.

Luke isn’t sure how long they’ve been fucking. His ass is gripping Reid, who purposely presses into his spot with greater and greater pressure, and he lifts his face from the pillow to gasp, suck in air deep, only for Reid to pummel him even harder and faster, and he shouts into the dark room, suddenly aware of how close he is—so close that he would warn Reid if he could talk.

But Reid seems to know, and moves one arm awkwardly under Luke to pinch a nipple, hard, and that’s it: Luke is shaking with his orgasm, releasing into the sheets with a wail, trembling as his cock and ass work in tandem, spurting and clenching together. It makes Reid feel even bigger in him, Reid, who is still thrusting into Luke like he doesn’t know how to stop, prolonging the thrashing and delaying the aftershocks. And with a final hard contraction in his ass, Luke grips Reid so tightly that the doctor shouts and comes so hard Luke imagines he can feel the come trying to coat his walls through the condom.

They lie together, spent and panting for a few minutes, and once Luke can wiggle his fingers and toes to reassure they’re still there, that he didn’t blow them off when he exploded, he feels overwhelming guilt and embarrassment at the whole thing. It’s one thing to be young and horny, but it’s another to be so… lewd, and desperate. Reid has finally caught his breath, but he’s not saying anything, and Luke shrinks in on himself, squeezing his eyes shut, pretending he’s not even there. He’s mortified at how wanton he was just minutes before, and who can blame for Reid at being disgusted at how it played out? They didn’t even talk once they started. Reid even called him a slut and, in the moment, it seemed kind of hot, and mostly a joke, but now it’s clear Reid meant it.

And how did Luke respond to that? He panted like a dog in heat and presented his ass, like he was begging “Fuck it. Fuck me.” He feels his face color, shame overwhelming him. The worst afterglow ever. And imagine how Reid feels, knowing that he fought tooth and nail for a—

Reid is sliding his fingers back inside of Luke, and he bucks at the unexpected invasion before settling down, his hips pushing his ass back against the fingers uncontrollably. God, he’s a whore.

Reid grabs a hip and pulls Luke’s dick a bit away from the bed, then straddles Luke. His fingers keep pressing inside, and it’s a reminder to them both of Luke’s vitality—Reid’s gone two rounds and is decidedly out for the night, but with a few careful touches Luke is stirring for a third.

He squeezes his eyes shut, hoping he can pretend he’s someone else, that he’s not doing this. When did he become a slut? He’s always been insatiable, but this is worse than—

“I love you,” Reid whispers, and Luke feels his heart clutch. “God, I love you like this.” His fingers are still thrusting into Luke, who’s gasping from the words as much as he is from the finger-fucking. Reid continues, “You’re so beautiful when you’re like this. It’s amazing, to see you so open and trusting… you’re so honest and unashamed, and it makes you gorgeous, and you don’t even know it.” His other hand snakes around to grip Luke’s cock and jerk it in slow, focused strokes, and Luke feels tears sting his eyes in relief.

“Do you like it? Is this okay?” Reid whispers, his fingers speeding, his hand moving faster.

He isn’t sure where he’s found his voice after all this time, but Luke manages to moan, “Perfect” and then begins to rut without shame.

Afterward, Reid’s arms tangled around him, feeling a headache coming on from coming so hard three times (something that never fails to scare Reid, even if he stays silent as Luke knocks back two Tylenol), he says quietly, “I love you too.”

He thinks he can feel Reid’s smile over his shoulder, but if he wasn’t sure, one of Reid’s hands slides up his chest and rests over his heart.

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